Inspired History

Q Sterry’s Inspired History

I have an inspired history for sure! I grew up on a small farm near the south coast of Oregon, on the edge of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.  Our mostly self-sufficient farm had gravity-feed water, a monster garden, chickens, cows and no electricity.  I therefore learned at an early age to be creative with the materials on hand, tinkering with parts of motors and gears and building forts in the surrounding forest with scraps of wood and pocket knives.  I loved my childhood.  In 1985 my family moved to Eugene.

At the age of 14, I began consistently taking summer work in the construction industry while taking drafting classes in high school. After graduating from South Eugene High School in 1992, I continued work, (full-time) for local construction firms.  Here I was primarily a framer and finish carpenter working on custom high-end residences.  This is where I became passionate about residential design. I eventually started my own residential design & construction business in 1994.  In 1996, I was accepted into the School of Architecture at the University of Oregon and graduated with an accredited bachelor’s degree in June of 2001.  Before graduating, I was hired by TBG Architects + Planners in the summer of 2000, and continued studying with and learning from highly talented and respected Architects for the next 13 years.

In 2013 I started my own Architectural Design Services business and have been enjoying the freedom and flexibility of business ownership ever since.   I am licensed to practice Architecture in Oregon, Washington State, and Montana, and enjoy traveling.


Inspired History

Lets inspire each other!

Quince A. Sterry,  AIA NCARB