Rustic Zen Shed

Rustic Zen Shed

Rustic Zen Shed

The Rustic Zen Shed was originally a woodshed/ tool shed located in rural Oregon.  It contained all the usual oil stains, dust, and grime but was recently built so the structure was still in pretty good shape.  The owners fell in love with the building right away.  They decided that this was where they should spend much of their time while a new residence is designed and constructed.  The space was designed to accommodate, reading, exercising, napping, and crafting.  The owners felt that, “Light & Height” were 2 of the most important features.  As a result we choose to spend more time and energy on this structure as opposed to the existing adjacent 1920’s cabin with very low ceilings.  The original cabin still provides the necessary cooking and bathing facilities while the majority of their time is spent here, and you can see why!

Rustic Zen Shed-2

French doors and windows were added to allow lots of natural daylight.  ABX plywood was added for rigidity.  The build-out conceals framing for the doors and windows as well as the wiring added for outlets and lights.

Rustic Zen Shed-3

There is no insulation in the floor, ceiling, or walls and in some locations you can see daylight thru the cracks in the walls.  A heat pump was added to condition the space which is augmented by a wood burning stove.  The floors were sanded down, refinished, and a rope was inserted into the cracks between the floor boards.


Before and After Photos, What do you think?

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