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This page showcases our current and previous architectural design projects as well as other architect’s work that inspires us. We hope you enjoy looking through the commercial and residential architecture design projects that we’ve completed in Oregon, Montana, and Washington.

Our passion is fueled by the ambition to deliver the most creative and innovative solutions for your project. To do so, we constantly have to stay curious about what’s going on in the world of architecture. Therefore, this page also includes posts about the latest architectural trends that inspire us, along with our personal projects to hopefully inspire you.

Our Favorite Top Architectural Design Trends of 2019

Tiny Houses

There is a big push towards creating more sustainable, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly housing. The tiny houses trend began in 2018 and has been trending ever since. These tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular in densely populated areas, where people are short on space. Creating small spaces with big character is now a new challenge we as architects face.

Fire Resistant Construction

Because we live in the greater Northwest, we are becoming more and more aware of the potential for wildfires. Look what happened recently in Australia for example. As another example, The Chetco Bar fire in SW Oregon burned approximately 191,125 acres in 2017, including my childhood home. Rural properties are usually required to have a minimal fire break around the house to help protect against fires, but most houses have roof ventilation. Typically this involves a low elevation air intake at the roof eave and a high elevation air exhaust. In this instance it is very hared to prevent a spark from a nearby fire from being pulled into the attic space thru the air vent. Once the spark is in there its very difficult to extinguish. Don’t fear! We have a way to eliminate this point of access!

Recycled Spaces

As we live in Eugene, we’re quite familiar with the concept of recycled spaces. This movement isn’t new to us. We love breathing new life into spaces that have traditionally been used for other purposes or concepts. Recycling spaces allow us to decrease the costs of construction, consume less, and be greener. In Fact, we recently won the Eugene Mayors Choice 1st Place in 2019 for our creative architectural design solutions. Click here and scroll down for the Video of the Mayor announcing her first choice cor commercial Architectural design.

Your favorite trends?

We would love to hear from you! If you have a project or a topic that you’d like to see addressed here, let us know and we’ll do our best to address it in time. Please feel free to leave feedback! Everyone’s opinion is valid.

If you already have a project in mind, feel free to contact us and request your free site visit.


View our previous work as well as additional inspiration in the blogs below.

Kendall Chevrolet Dealership Remodel by Q Sterry

Kendall Chevrolet Remodel

This Dealership Remodel was initiated to provide new finishes at the interior and exterior of Kendall Chevrolet in Eugene Oregon. Kendall Chevrolet is currently a multiline facility which means that it sells multiple vehicle brands under the same roof.

Currently available brands are: Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, and Buick. All areas that were accessible to customers were revised to receive new and upgraded finishes. Minor modifications of the interior spaces were accommodated to improve interactions with, and the overall experience of the customer. The existing exposed ceiling and structure was concealed behind a new suspended ceiling system. Many new LED lights were installed. The existing floor tiles were removed and replaced. The existing exterior public facing siding and entrance tower element were redesigned to allow for corporate approved ACM, (aluminum composite material) siding materials. New electrical vehicle charging stations we installed to accommodate the next generation of electrical vehicles. The general Contractor was Chambers Construction completed the job on time and under budget! Great job chambers!

Dealership Remodel Statistics



What do you think?

Chevy Dealership Remodel

Funky Architecture by Design, Q Sterry – Inspired Architecture

We love Funky Architecture

We experienced many challenges in the execution of this project. The original Bourland Printing building was an existing commercial building in a residential zoned lot.  As a result, it was built-out to the property lines on all four corners. The property had no parking.  Additionally, the proposed exterior canopy required a revocable permit. The building had Funky Architecture to begin with. There were ceilings at 6′-8″ tall or less, overly steep stairs, and loads of tiny divided spaces. We gutted the building and started to apply our version of Funky Architecture. This resulted in lots of stained plywood panels instead of sheet rock. Lots of existing raw wood left in it’s evolved state with years of incidental graffiti left exposed. Funky Architecture was employed, by design.

Here is a link to Drawn – the Co-designers of this space.

Recessed Conference room on the bottom right, AKA the “Pit”. Second floor mezzanine work spaces seen in upper right.
Funky Architecture
Open yet, “contained” group work area. Non-structural “Ribs” create containment.
Architecture for Design Spaces
Mezzanine Level work spaces with new, north-facing clerestory windows.
Rich Wood interiors
Colorful display stairs, used for photography and, “lunch”.
Funky Architecture
View looking back towards the entrance.

The City Of Eugene

The City of Eugene was an active partner in helping us achieve our goals. For instance, they helped us get a revocable permit issued and helped us work thru some challenging code requirements that might have derailed the project. Without the City’s active participation we would not have been able to save this building and it almost certainly would have been replaced by yet another tall student housing or apartment building.

The Contractor

The project Superintendent was David Partlow. David transitioned from 2G Construction to Stonewood construction but maintained his focus as he helped in many ways, including the standard general contractor responsibilities.

Check out this older post for additional , “in process” photos.

Architecture for DRAWN, by Q Sterry – Inspired Architecture

Here are some photos from a walk-thru at the future home of DRAWN.

Architecture for DRAWN. This project was quite challenging as it was an existing commercial building in a lot zoned for residential.  In addition it was built-out to the property lines on all four corners. No parking is associated with site.

A revocable permit was required for the yet-to-be-installed canopy. This project utilizes loads stained plywood panels instead of sheet rock. Lots of existing raw wood left in it’s evolved state with years of incidental graffiti left exposed. This is retro Whiteaker funky, by design.

Architects and designers are seeking novel uses for humble materials; the use of plywood instead of solid wood for a higher aesthetic purpose as a finished surface in living spaces has its benefits.

And have become an accessible way of modernizing and warming an interior for a relatively inexpensive cost. Besides looking great, plywood is stronger, durable and for last but not least what makes plywood even more perfect for furniture-making is surprisingly so much lighter than solid wood.

Here are some Advantages of Plywood over Wood:

1) Expensive timbers go further. A cheap timber can be used for the core, with the expensive timber used on the outside.
2) The size of plywood is not restricted by the size of the tree it came from, but the size of the press table used to make it.
3) Solid wood is 20 times stronger along the grain than across. Plywood over 10mm thick is almost equal in strength in both directions.
4) Timber shrinks mostly across the grain. Shrinkage is almost eliminated in plywood due to the layers being in alternate directions.
5) Plywood can be formed or bent to make a curve.
6) Plywood does not split at the edges when nailed or screwed.

Architecture for DRAWN


View of, “The Pit” – A Recessed Conference room


Stairs with adjacent display area


View of the front stairs and waiting area


Nautical Light Fixtures


Storefront with no glass, canopy, paint, or sign… stay tuned!

Architecture in Washington State Q Sterry – Inspired Architecture

Washington Architecture – We’re Now Licensed!

Q Sterry is now licensed to practice Architecture in Washington State. A few fun and exciting projects have prompted this move. We are very excited about the possibilities this new opportunity brings. “The business is officially registered, licensed and insured to practice Architecture”, says Q with a confident smile. “I’m looking forward to providing services in the greater Seattle area. In fact I’m traveling up there this Sunday to visit a waterfront site for development.” Although the home office is in Eugene Oregon, advancements in technology make coordination with a remote client a snap. Low cost round-trip flights, the I-5 highway, and increased demand for services make this area quite accessible and appealing.

Why you should hire Q Sterry for your architecture project

If you’re in the Seattle area, hiring an architecture firm based out of Eugene, Oregon, can provide you with many benefits. First of all, our operating costs are lower than architects in the Seattle area. That means we can pass these savings onto our clients, lowering your overall project budget and allowing you to extend it beyond what you thought might be possible.

We specialize in residential and commercial architecture, and no project is too big nor too small. Our projects range from as tiny as treehouses to as large as car dealership remodels.

If you have a residential or commercial project in the Washington area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Know somebody that needs some Architectural help in the area?

Licensed in Washington State

Architecture in Washington State

Contemporary Residential Design by Q Sterry – Inspired Architecture

Contemporary Residential Design

This is a custom contemporary residential design currently being considered for construction.



Basic modeling of custom home design




Modeling of Custom Home Design