Code Changes add Complexity – Secondary Dwelling Units

Code changes, Secondary Dwelling Units:

Code changes add complexity: The City of Eugene has revised the Residential Code concerning SDUs, ( Secondary Dwelling Units ). Secondary Dwelling Units, otherwise known as as, Guest Houses, Mother-In-Law Apartments, Granny-Flats or Studio Apartments are sill allowed in most zones but all are limited in size.

The new code changes add complexity and cost while the size limitations are being reduced. The building height is being reduced in relation to the property line. The total footprint of the structure allowed is now limited depending on the acreage of the property. These are just some of the new limitations placed on secondary dwelling units where they are allowed.

If you or somebody you know is considering creating or constructing Secondary Dwelling Units, it is advised to discuss the project with an experienced design professional like Q Sterry. The Oregon Residential Specialty code and the Eugene Land Use Code dictate the size and location of these structures.THE LOOKOUT

City Code documents are available in Microsoft Word format as well as in PDF format. When consulting the Word version of documents, please ensure that contents are cross-referenced to the official version of the City Code.

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