100 East Broadway – Eugene Oregon

Here are images of a light exterior commercial renovation to a prominent building located at 100 East Broadway in Eugene Oregon. The existing building was constructed primarily of concrete and built-out to the property line.

Commercial Renovation

Commercial Renovation

The Ipe wood veneer was added to soften the building’s interface with the street and to provide warmth and detailing at a human scale.  Canopies were added to help distinguish the entrances and provide weather protection during inclement weather for its users. Columns were enlarged and clad with Ipe to help balance the unnatural perception of a very top-heavy building.

The canopies and wood veneer required a, “revocable” permit. A set of stairs to a basement business was secured with a storefront door and windows, and perforated panels above.  The enclosure of the stairs required an, “AMM” (Alternate Materials and Methods) application as the storefront door is required to swing in the direction of egress travel. Typically doors are NOT allowed to swing into the Right-of-way.  This was a challenging project but we are happy with the outcome.  McIntyre Construction was the general contractor and did a fine job!

More photos

DSC_0355-2A DSC_0354-2 DSC_0353-2 DSC_0333-2 DSC_0329-2 DSC_0198-2

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