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Covered Outdoor Design – Poolside BBQ Patio

This BBQ outdoor design project was for a freestanding and open covered poolside BBQ patio.  The posts are buried deep in the ground in a pole barn manner to eliminate the need for knee braces or other later reinforcement.

The BBQ kitchen features a SS sink and BBQ with cultured stone faced cabinets and natural stone counter tops. The soffits were framed and finished with custom LED color lighting and a ceiling fan. The deck patio features colored concrete pavers. Glenn Landscape provided the general contracting and the project turned out beautiful with many extras!

Have you Ever Considered an Outdoor Patio Kitchen?

A great benefit of owning an additional space for cooking (besides the value of your home increasing and the big savings on restaurant meals) is that it is an ideal area for entertaining. When the food is grilled out on the deck, guests may gather and interact around the BBQ grill as dinner is being cooked.

It may get congested in an indoor kitchen when everybody hangs out with the cook; however, in the backyard, there is a lot more space.


Covered Poolside BBQ Patio

View across patio furniture

Covered Poolside BBQ Patio

Covered Poolside BBQ Patio

Covered outdoor spaces ideas

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