Door Placement & Swing – Q Tip – Bathroom Door

Q Tip

Bathroom Door Swing

Placement & Swing: 

Door placement & swing is essential when designing a home or business, be sure to place bathroom doors in a location that opens to a hall, corridor, or other private/ circulation space. Never design a bathroom door that opens into a living room, dining room, or other entertaining space. Bathroom doors visible from entertaining space makes using the bathroom awkward, and left open can be rather unsightly.

Try to design the placement and swing so that the door must be fully open before offering a view of the toilet. This allows for reaction time in the event of an accidental intrusion, and allows for doors to be left open or partly open without offering a view of the toilet.

If for example, you are thinking of decorating your terrace, a sliding glass door will be optimal, should lead you directly to the patio, and besides being an asset to your living room, if you have an amazing and panoramic view it is a decorative plus for your property.

If we are talking about exit doors in public areas they must open outwards, instead, the housing doors must open inwards, this is an architectural subject.

Door sizes:

The size of the front door should be proportionate to the house. You wouldn’t want a small door to a mansion or a large door to a tiny hut. It wouldn’t feel right, would it?

The front door must also be larger than other doors inside the house. Though most houses today do not have this problem, there are master bedroom doors that are larger than front doors.