Fees – Residential & Commercial

Fees – Residential & Commercial Architecture

We are always happy to write a Proposal of Professional Services to address your specific project. We’re sure you will find our fees to be extremely competitive. Additionally, an initial site visit/ consultation is always FREE, regardless of the fee structure selected by the owner/ client. Request a consultation here >

How do we charge for our work? Q Sterry will typically address fees and billing for your project in one of two ways.

Hourly Fee Structure

  • The hourly billing structure is usually the most cost effective approach.
  • Who is this best for? The hourly structure is best suited for a client who is more decisive and has a clear vision of the finished project.
  • The execution of a contract may or may not be required with this fee structure, depending on the projects size and complexity.
  • This fee structure is most suitable for smaller scale projects.
  • I this arrangement, you only pay for hours worked, nothing more, nothing less.

Fixed Fee Structure

  • The fixed fee structure may result in slightly higher project billing than the Hourly Fee Structure.
  • It gives the client a clear total amount of professional fees early in the project.
  • Who is it best for? A fixed fee structure is usually more appropriate for a client who may be a little less decisive and/ or must have an absolute cap to the fees.
  • This arrangement helps to ensure that the client knows exactly what the project is going to cost in terms of total professional fees.
  • This structure will be written up in a Contract Proposal.  This proposal will outline the project, expectations, and all services specifically included and/or excluded. In addition, the contract will list the incremental benchmarks that need to be approved by the client along the way.  This to ensure that we are in agreement about the design direction.
  • Significant or substantial changes to previously approved decisions will be billed in addition to the contract sum as, “Additional Services”.
  • This fee structure is usually most appropriate for larger scale projects.

Finally, if you must have a fee structure that we currently don’t offer, such as a percentage of construction cost, we’ll be happy to accommodate.



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