Fees – Residential & Commercial

Fees – Residential & Commercial Architecture

We are always happy to write a Proposal of Professional Services to address your specific project. We’re sure you will find our fees to be extremely competitive. Please keep in mind that an initial site visit/ consultation is always FREE regardless of the fee structure selected by the owner/ client. Request a consultation here >

There are two standard ways that Q Sterry will address fees and billing for your project.

Current Hourly Fee Structure

  • The hourly billing structure is most cost effective for a client who is more decisive and has a clear vision of the finished project.
  • This fee structure may or may not require the execution of a contract, depending on the projects size and complexity.
  • This fee structure is most suitable for smaller scale projects.
  • This is the preferred fee structure as we find it is most fair to all parties.  You only pay for hours worked, nothing more, nothing less.

Fixed Fee Structure

  • The fixed fee proposal will typically result in slightly higher project billing than the Hourly Fee Structure.  A fixed fee structure may be more appropriate for a client who may be a little less decisive and/ or must have an absolute cap to the fees. This may result in slightly higher fees due to the unpredictable nature of the design process.  This helps to ensure that the client knows exactly what this project is going to cost in terms of total design/ documentation fees.  In addition, It is important to understand that I will increase the contract amount of the fixed fee proposal.  This increase is meant to cover my loss in the event of a project’s unexpected or unplanned circumstances.
  • This “Fixed” fee structure will be written up in a Contract Proposal which will outline the project, expectations, and all services specifically included and/or excluded. In addition, the contract will list the incremental benchmarks that need to be approved by the client along the way to ensure that we are in agreement about the direction of the design.  Significant or substantial changes to previously approved decisions will be billed in addition to the contract sum as, “Additional Services”.
  • This fee structure is more appropriate on larger scale projects.



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