Residential Design Services

Residential Design Services

Quince, (aka Q) and his team have all the tools and resources necessary to provide a full range of custom residential design services for your project.

  • Residential architectural design
  • 3-D modeling
  • Color rendering
  • Construction documentation
  • Construction administration
  • Site planning
  • Permit documents & applications
  • Code research

Residential Design is a Journey

Q Sterry – Inspired Architecture has proven to be a successful residential architectural firm  – from large 3 story mansions to projects as small as a permitted treehouse deck. All projects are treated equally, regardless of the scale.  We aim to inspire clients thru the design process. Creativity and inspiration are the most important part of the residential design process.   

The residential design process is a journey, but this is not one that happens in isolation.  We find it very important to consider and communicate the emotional and social impacts of a design.  Most importantly we will collaborate with you to uncover, interpret, and implement your ideas. We will ask many questions: Do you entertain much? Do you have sleepover company often? Do you host many people at the holidays? Are you outwardly social? Or more of a contemplative and spiritual introvert?  We want to know more about you than just your technical requirements. We want to know about your family, and the things that would make your dream home an inspirational space that supports the lifestyle you wish to live.

Inspired Architecture

Most importantly, we aim to inspire, through our design. We encourage originality and character.  Our goal is for you to be proud of your new home. Above all, we want you to feel connected, supported, and inspired by the life of your home.  A custom home should be a family portrait, a self-portrait, as it should reflect you and your family’s personality.

Architectural aesthetics are not our only strength! We work hard to meet or exceed contractor expectations of the permit drawings.  We have lots of hands-on experience in construction of residential buildings. As a result we take much pride in ourselves for being pragmatic and producing designs that utilize common sense construction techniques.

This is a custom contemporary residential design currently being considered for construction.

Q Sterry is licensed in three northwest states – Oregon, Montana, and Washington (and growing!) Contact us to get your free initial site visit.


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