Contemporary Residential Design by Q Sterry – Inspired Architecture

Contemporary Residential Design This is a custom contemporary residential design currently being considered for construction. Photos … Continue reading

Covered Outdoor Design by Q Sterry – Inspired Architecture

Covered Outdoor Design – Poolside BBQ Patio This BBQ outdoor design project was for a freestanding and open covered poolside BBQ patio.  The posts are buried deep in the ground in a pole barn manner to eliminate the need for … Continue reading

Treehouse Deck Design by Q Sterry – Inspired Architecture

Legally Permitted Treehouse Deck This is a Treehouse deck that is supported on one end by 3 living trees. We used the Garnier limb to support the majority of the deck structure.  A partial height screening wall/ railing was used … Continue reading

100 East Broadway – Eugene Oregon Here are images of a light exterior commercial renovation to a prominent building located at 100 East Broadway in Eugene Oregon. The existing building was constructed primarily of concrete and built-out to the property line. Commercial … Continue reading

Rustic Zen Shed Design by Q Sterry – Inspired Architecture

Rustic Zen Shed The Rustic Zen Shed was originally a woodshed/ tool shed located in rural Oregon.  It contained all the usual oil stains, dust, and grime but was recently built so the structure was still in pretty good shape.  The owners … Continue reading