Treehouse Deck Design by Q Sterry – Inspired Architecture

Legally Permitted Treehouse Deck This is a Treehouse deck that is supported on one end by 3 living trees. We used the Garnier limb to support the majority of the deck structure.  A partial height screening wall/ railing was used … Continue reading


Commercial Interior Renovation – Life Cycle Bike Shop

Commercial Interior Renovation

Life Cycle Bike Shop

This is an animated 3D layout and design provided for the Commercial Interior Renovation of the Life Cycle Bike shop at 1733 Pearl st. Suite B, Eugene Oregon.


This design was whipped-out for the great guys at the Life Cycle Bike shop.  We decided that the majority of the bicycle mechanic work should occur downstairs in the basement freeing up primary ground floor space for the display of top-notch bikes and gear. The mezzanine level will be stocked entirely with awesome bikes as well as the bicycle fitting area. bike clothes an gear will be displayed under the mezzanine in a darker and more intimate setting and the dressing room will be tucked in underneath the stairs.

We are looking to install some great display lighting throughout the space as well as some amped-up music and videos. We’ve added a lounging couch with a great views, and plan to have additional hang-out space in the basement for those of us who like to talk shop with the great mechanics they have on staff.

There will still be a quick adjustment/ flat repair station at the top of the stairs, and should always be someone around to carry the bikes up and down the stairs sop that the customers never have to.

I have really enjoyed all of my interactions with the great people at this wonderful bike shop.  These guys really know their bikes! If you ride mountain bikes, road bikes, or cruisers in the Eugene or Springfield area, you owe it to yourself to get to know some of the great people at Life Cycle Bike Shop.

Life Cycle Bike Shop – (541) 686-2994

Quince A. Sterry, Assoc AIA
Cell: 541.517.3737