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At Q Sterry – Inspired Architecture, we are passionate about inspired architecture. We have studied and examined architecture, the design of buildings, and the spaces they create. We believe that the most important aspect of architecture is how buildings and spaces impact the lives of their occupants. Monumental historical architectural achievements, cutting edge systems, and those who dare to create them have been particularly inspirational to us. We are motivated to apply current science and technology to the design of buildings while searching for the most cost-effective and efficient emerging systems. It is with a great understanding of the principals and sources of inspiration listed above that we design cost-effective, highly functional, and attractive buildings.
That said, we are pragmatic in our understanding that not every building is to be an aesthetic masterpiece. Occasionally buildings are designed to be purely utilitarian, but we believe they should never forget the importance of the impact on the user. We are always willing to accommodate predetermined budgets. Designing buildings that are sustainable, flexible, and custom-tailored to each project's unique site, and the client is one of our primary motivations.

What "Inspired Architecture" means to us

Q believes that Architecture and the built environment profoundly impact and influence the lives of its users and inhabitants.
"Shelter is one of the four necessities of life. Additionally, Architecture supports and protects our food, water, and love, which are the remaining necessities of life. However, when Architects look beyond the minimum requirements of life, we begin to understand that our buildings can influence the moods, behaviors, and overall health of their inhabitants. As a result, our homes and places of employment should not be merely structures created to protect us from the elements. As a result, it becomes imperative for Architects to design our built environments in ways that reflect, support, and inspire ourselves and those we love."
Q has a great understanding of the relationship between the built environment and its users. It is with this understanding that has allowed him to design more harmoniously integrated buildings that support & inspire their users and inhabitants. In conclusion, Q believes that inspiration is the key component of intellectual & spiritual growth. Above all, this inspiration derives from a continued commitment to the life-long questions; what have we been doing? And how can we do it better?
At Q Sterry -Inspired Architecture, we aim to inspire. Let’s enrich the lives of our community through architecture together!

Are you inspired?

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