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We always try to answer the phone. If you can’t get in contact, we strive to return messages by the end of the business day. 

E-mail goes directly to the desk of Q Sterry. Q checks his e-mail multiple times daily, and typically will respond within a few hours! 

Contact us! We are happy to chat!
Cell: 541.517.3737
Fax: Sorry, we no longer use a fax machine

Get in touch for an estimate for a residential or commercial project

If you have a project in mind, please provide as much detail as possible so we have the information upfront. That includes project size, location, your rough estimated budget, and even links to projects that inspire you. That way, when we come by to do your site visit, we can come prepared with some ideas about your vision. 

What to expect from the first site visit

The initial consultation is primarily intended to see if your project and Q Sterry are a good fit for each other! This is where we listen and assess your needs and give you some initial thoughts about where we can take your vision. From there, we provide you with the next steps, moving into the estimation and design phases.

Feel free to ask a Question, we’ll get in touch as quickly as we can! 

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Address: 1249 Willamette St., Suite 250, Eugene, Oregon, 97401

If you have questions about pricing, take a look at our fees. We also want to mention – although we are based in Eugene, Oregon, advancements in technology have helped to overcome geographic barriers. For example, we are currently working on projects in Bozeman, Montana, as well as Seattle and Kingston, Washington. We love to travel for the right project. Although a site visit is almost always recommended and sometimes required by the state, the majority of our work can be performed off-site.